Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hi kids! I'm 29 days into version 2.0 of my run project: www.5000mil.es. Go digitally cheer me on and/or don't hit me with your car. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello. I've decided to stop doing this project. I will leave all videos and posts as they are. If anything, I got an 60-song album out of it. I hope to restart, potentially with a custom URL which I will link to here, on May 6th, 2013 (my birthday). I am not stopping running, but the way this was going, coupled with the inconsistencies in video and blogging tone, became too annoying to continue. Does that make sense? Probably not.

The 1/2-marathon went OK on Sunday. I was somewhat hungover and almost had like six panic attacks but it was OK, and I finished in two hours. I forgot my belt cam though. That really annoyed me. That's probably why I feel like this has to stop for now. No excuse not to film that gorgeous day in AC. I have this short video of the run. It was so beautiful down there. DAMN.

Friday, April 5, 2013

DAY 59

DAY 58

I'm too pissed off at this situation to really blog here right now. I wanted to run longer than this but afpowejtpworjwrfrf who knows. I'll get back on track over the weekend but expect no more words until then. Tomorrow is a an off/gif day. PEACE.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DAY 57

I listened to that Tim and Eric album today. OMG that album is so amazing. What else? I planned on a 'short' run so that's why this was 'only' 4.23 miles. (Using scare quotes cuz I don't wanna come across as a dick; I understand that exercise, to some degree, is a luxury and I have to make a big elaborate game of it, just to stomach it--See this project--so when I use adjectives like "short" I prefer to address them as 'short', to let you, the reader, know that I know how much of a terrific shithead I truly am. I'm running a fucking 1/2 marathon Sunday, so believe me: I KNOW. Thanks. Thanks for understanding. Shalom.) ##

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DAY 56

I listened to the new The Knife record. Weird! But good. Weirdly good. Hello I am Emperor Hashtag and welcome to my blog. I like the album art; it's color scheme is the same as GodWeenSatan. Speaking of Ween, Deaner was in attendance at The Meat Puppets show. He didn't join them on stage. He was a fan just like you and me. Knicks-Hawks is better than Sox-Yanks. Don't get me started on this Rutgers scandal. Just keep your mind on the good side of sports. Geez-Louise. (What's the point?) I'm all over the place. My level of #CARE is not high. Not a high level. Inconsistency. Straight jackets. Straight-ahead jackets stray. Looper starring the bad guy from Billy Madison who was also in that political TV show about the White House. THAT GUY IS WEASLY; THE WORD WEASLY WAS INVENTED FOR THAT GUY. I was sitting on a blanket in front of the White House not four days yet removed. One of these days I hope to learn how to write. I am a weT9I243T9I4WT. Days. #Days. I am glad I got in five miles. Felt less. The miles are feeling less. Time is changing. Think Possible™.

Monday, April 1, 2013

DAY 55

The times: they are a-changing. This looks different, right? No more ALL CAPS. No more anti-formatting HTML (the "pre" tag). This is cleaner. More spring-like. This project evolves. I've also decided to stop including the iPhone screencaps of the RunKeeper app. Seemed redundant since the mileage is right there in the video title, and I will enjoy saving the ~30 seconds it took to do that. Yes. Maybe I will link to pictures instead of posting them. For instance: here and here and here. "#BeautifulDay" -U2.

I don't understand the "a" in "a-changing." Seems lazy. Seems like Bob Dylan was being a lazy lyricist that day. "I need another a-syllable to make this song a-work! What do I a-do?" -Bob Dylan. That was a direct quote from Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is maybe anti-Italian? #Maybe

I listened to the "I Heart Radio" app during this run. I skipped a lot of songs. I listened to the Guided by Voices and R. Stevie Moore stations. Here's what I listened to. (Note: That's an incomplete list. I guess "I Heart Radio" only keeps tabs on your 20 most recent? Lame.) I want to start getting back into albums. I like albums. I am seeing the Meat Puppets tomorrow night in New Hope so I should probably listen to a Meat Puppets album during my run before the show. You'll have to see tomorrow's post to see if that actually happened. Very suspenseful. I think they have a new album out. Kinda scared to listen to it. Will probably spin Up on the Sun instead.

So I ran 9.13 miles tonight. Wow. Did not feel that long. I really killed it, as they say. Could've ran longer actually. I have no worries about the 1/2-marathon this Sunday. I am OK with bragging because I am talking to no-one.