Monday, April 1, 2013

DAY 55

The times: they are a-changing. This looks different, right? No more ALL CAPS. No more anti-formatting HTML (the "pre" tag). This is cleaner. More spring-like. This project evolves. I've also decided to stop including the iPhone screencaps of the RunKeeper app. Seemed redundant since the mileage is right there in the video title, and I will enjoy saving the ~30 seconds it took to do that. Yes. Maybe I will link to pictures instead of posting them. For instance: here and here and here. "#BeautifulDay" -U2.

I don't understand the "a" in "a-changing." Seems lazy. Seems like Bob Dylan was being a lazy lyricist that day. "I need another a-syllable to make this song a-work! What do I a-do?" -Bob Dylan. That was a direct quote from Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is maybe anti-Italian? #Maybe

I listened to the "I Heart Radio" app during this run. I skipped a lot of songs. I listened to the Guided by Voices and R. Stevie Moore stations. Here's what I listened to. (Note: That's an incomplete list. I guess "I Heart Radio" only keeps tabs on your 20 most recent? Lame.) I want to start getting back into albums. I like albums. I am seeing the Meat Puppets tomorrow night in New Hope so I should probably listen to a Meat Puppets album during my run before the show. You'll have to see tomorrow's post to see if that actually happened. Very suspenseful. I think they have a new album out. Kinda scared to listen to it. Will probably spin Up on the Sun instead.

So I ran 9.13 miles tonight. Wow. Did not feel that long. I really killed it, as they say. Could've ran longer actually. I have no worries about the 1/2-marathon this Sunday. I am OK with bragging because I am talking to no-one.

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