Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DAY 56

I listened to the new The Knife record. Weird! But good. Weirdly good. Hello I am Emperor Hashtag and welcome to my blog. I like the album art; it's color scheme is the same as GodWeenSatan. Speaking of Ween, Deaner was in attendance at The Meat Puppets show. He didn't join them on stage. He was a fan just like you and me. Knicks-Hawks is better than Sox-Yanks. Don't get me started on this Rutgers scandal. Just keep your mind on the good side of sports. Geez-Louise. (What's the point?) I'm all over the place. My level of #CARE is not high. Not a high level. Inconsistency. Straight jackets. Straight-ahead jackets stray. Looper starring the bad guy from Billy Madison who was also in that political TV show about the White House. THAT GUY IS WEASLY; THE WORD WEASLY WAS INVENTED FOR THAT GUY. I was sitting on a blanket in front of the White House not four days yet removed. One of these days I hope to learn how to write. I am a weT9I243T9I4WT. Days. #Days. I am glad I got in five miles. Felt less. The miles are feeling less. Time is changing. Think Possible™.

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